A Hindu Girl, A Muslim Nation, And Justice.

This incident happened with a Hindu family residing in Karachi city Pakistan, their thirteen years old girl went out to get groceries from the shop of their Society. whereas on the way 2 guys grabbed her, savagely Drew towards them and took her to a nearly isolate Sugar mills Ground.

At that time they threw that girl who was only thirteen yrs old and compelled her to drink a terribly high quantity of alcohol once she got utterly drunk and was not in her senses anymore.

They Gang raped her and gone away from that place leaving her alone there. Police found that girl in a critical condition fully drunk out of her senses within the same ground where they left her.

Her father did file an FIR(First info reports) against those that did this together with her very little kid, none could even imagine the condition of her father from what he was going through while filing this case against those culprit’s inhumanity and brutality.

Police did found the suspect very quick and do believe that they were the ones who did this brutality and Gang raped that innocent thirteen yrs, old kid.

In those suspect persons one was the son of a retired peace officer and also the other was his friend. A rhetorical investigation is ongoing and afterward, results can begin concerning the suspect. who can even imagine an incident like this as only thirteen years old child may be targeted of someone’s brutality.

It is far away from humanity though, the police are endlessly doing an additional investigation, furthermore as the additional inquiry is also been placed on this case. This case did not get any mainstream media coverage may be as a result of her being a Hindu and belonging with the minority, minorities ought to get equal rights and acceptance. as a result of the culture of acceptance is extremely necessary and base of a nation and its democracy.

Now the question is that this that is the punishment of 4 or seven years is enough for this brutal Gang Rape, don’t those offenders deserve the death penalty? in order that none of the other culprits will even think about doing this brutality and assume 100 times before even making an attempt to take any kind of insane and brutal step like that.

Fear of law and order is actually necessary to require control of incidents like this and stop them. we tend to powerfully condemn therapists and the only penalty they deserve is the death penalty.

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  1. I think we should implement Islamic laws which will scary enough to commit any crime…

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