An incident sometimes changes your perspective but if there’s a lot of incidents? There’s just a need for some focus and you’re going to hear a lot of voices that have never been heard, Violations of human rights, abuses of human rights are becoming very prevalent and frequent day by day. Their starvation, their hunger, their poverty, their misery, their suffering, their exhaustion. They are all ignored and neglected because they don’t have the right approach to obtain justice⠀ I decided to write for them when I began looking at their screams, their cries, their struggles, and their issues. no one should be left over. Everyone has the right to basic human rights, and if they don’t get those, It’s a failure for all those who can make a change but don’t even try.

I am an ordinary guy and I want to feel the depth of those unheard voices who deserves much more than they do. There’s a lot of volatility going on in everyone’s life that we’re not focusing on and sometimes it’s really going to the extreme. Once I was having a walk, a little guy was begging and I stood there for 30 minutes and saw that a lot of individuals gave him cash but none of them focused on why this little child is actually begging. While I was standing there, I saw a person coming to him taking all the collection and going back I began to follow him and witnessed him buying bread and arrive at his home right at the corner of the road where the kid begged. He fed his baby who, I guess, was not really more than 4 months old and I was speechless.

There are loads of stuff we need to focus on and has me start writing for all those unheard voices buried under power, buried under poverty, buried under crime, buried under inequality, buried under violation of human rights, there are many desires, many wishes, I met someone who said I wish I could bring some change. But there is a big difference in wishing and trying, Change comes from the little, not a large effort. you have to take a step forward even its the smallest one doesn’t matter. All that counts is you making an attempt to bring some change. You’ve got the courage to take a step and this doesn’t really matter how tiny it is. You have taken it and it’s the thing which matters the most.

This article has been credited to Pinal, it was the tougher thing to describe myself and it would not have been possible without her.