Budget of Rs. 50 crore financial development schemes in District Council Sargodha

Sargodha (Staff Reporter) District Council Sargodha Risk of Tension in the Assembly of PTI Members on the Distribution of Budget for Financial Development Schemes of Rs. 50 Crore, District Council Officers Headed to Resolve the Case, According to Details Has officially allowed the municipalities to use the budget set for development work this year following the implementation of a new localized setup. Because of this, the Tehsil Council and the former District Council Sargodha have formulated an agenda to provide Rs 50 lakh 48 thousand 778 per union council by dividing hundreds of schemes with a financial estimate of Rs 50 crore to 164 union councils. On the contrary, the success of the PTI members in the assembly of their respective constituencies including the tension on the schemes following the government’s new schemes which include completely dead water supply, sewerage, waste management, sewage lid, sewerage pipelines. Schemes like repair and replacement can be added, while vice versa. By enforce the officers as they go past the old srkat, soling, tough tile schemes in their constituencies get full. Because of this tension and complexity, the officers of the District Council and the present Tehsil Council are sitting tight. It is to be remembered that the Punjab government has directed the administration to provide the agenda for these schemes before November 30 so that after the objections to these schemes, formal approval can be initiated to start the development work.

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