Chairperson Sargodha organized a special event in celebration of the celebrations of the Ishq Iqbal, organized by the Camp Hansou Group of Schools.

Sargodha () A special event was organized in connection with the celebrations of the Jansen Iqbal organized by the Campri Hansu Group of Schools. Chairperson Sargodha Board Dr. Kausar Reyes attended the special guest as students read the speech and presented the tables.

Highlighting the concept of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal and various aspects of his life, the special attendance was attended by the Comprehensive Hansu Group’s patrons, Ch. Chairperson of the Sargodha Board Dr. Kausar Rais addresses the participants Message addressed to Iqbal and the youth about Iqbal’s Shaheen On this occasion, Chairperson Sargodha Board Dr. Kausar Rais, Students, Students and Students on the best performances in Urdu and English speeches besides the songs, tables, and Kalam Iqbal presented by the children. Including a tribute to the school administration

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