Child Abuse “For The Sake Of Better Upbringing”
Child getting physically assaulted and its far behind the humanity, It should be stopped.


More than 40 million kids get abused physically, mentally and sexually annually. It’s not the matter of an area or one specific state, however, it’s the matter of the many nation’s vital issues that are continually being neglected by the authorities and not abundant strong steps are being taken against those that do child abuse that is extraordinarily unethical immoral and on the far side humanity.

Within the results of child abuse innocent kids get in depression, they lack their confidence and have extreme stress at their early age within which each kid has the birthright to urge education, higher upbringing, and higher grooming. in order that they get their confidence developed and create their future bright.

In South Asia it’s a very common drawback as a result of here some lecturers have created their outlook that giving swear punishments and beating them is basically necessary so that they don’t skip studies and study hard.

No one even worries it that the proper duty of the teacher isn’t solely giving education to kids, however, their higher upbringing, grooming, confidence building and character building is also present within the duty of lecturers as most of the kids spend 8-10 hours in schools each day.

Also, a little amount of the parents too physically assault their kids and assume it’s very necessary to create their futures bright that they achieve success in their career.

Beyond any doubt their intentions aren’t wrong, however, the lack of awareness is that the main drawback as a result of most of them don’t even understand that mental health extremely gets disturbed and mental health is as much necessary as physical health.

Although teaching is one amongst the foremost noble professions’ anybody might do, and that we are extraordinarily grateful to any or all those lecturers who created lives of thousands of youngsters Successful.


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