Deputy Commissioner visits DPO’s vegetable market early in the morning

Decision to set up a platform for farmers in model markets
Over-profiting ‘won’t tolerate stockpiling’ – Deputy Commissioner Asiya Gul Sargodha (November 12, 2019) – Deputy Commissioner Asiya Gul and District Police Officer Hassan Mushtaq Sukhera visited Vegetable Wafrot Market early this morning. Both district officers reviewed vegetable and fruit prices and closely monitored the run-off process.

They also checked the quality of vegetables and refreshments. The Deputy Commissioner directed the Secretary Market Committee to conduct a self-review of the bids daily and to set these rates regularly. Speaking on the occasion, he said that the provision of food items at subsidized rates to consumers was the basic responsibility of the state agencies. No shortage will be tolerated in this regard.

The deputy workers said that the Punjab government’s instructions were on vegetable and refreshment prices. There is a constant monitoring of the auction process in markets. He said that it is the right of traders to make a legitimate profit from the district. One of the biggest lucrative ‘storage and retailing plans.

He said that with the guidance of the Punjab Government, the platform of farmers is also being developed in model markets where no direct tax or commission of vegetables can be made.

He directed the management of the Market Committee to ensure the success of fresh vegetables and refreshments in the markets daily. Speaking on the occasion, DPO Hassan Mushtaq Sukhera said that the security of the markets is being ensured.He urged the traders to earn their living without fear. The police are always on guard to protect them

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