Gender In-Equality In ISLAM?

It’s been a really disputed dialogue from a really very long time regarding Muslim women and most of the individuals from west do believe that Muslim women don’t seem to be being permitted to pursue their career by their religion, simply means that Islam does not allow women to work, so that they can stand on their own feet, and women empowerment is simply prohibited in Islam.

Several feminists say the rights of Muslim women and do blame Islam for it, and they are debating concerning Islam and having long debates on that while not even knowing that does Islam really doesn’t provide any rights for women empowerment. Thus does Islam extremely forbid women to work? And for that, we need to look back a bit within the history of Islam.

Everybody is aware that Muslims follow the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muhammad(PBUH)’s 1st and beloved spouse was Khadeeja(RA) and Muhammad (PBUH) married Khadeeja(RA) once he was twenty-five yrs. old and Khadeeja(RA) was forty, and that they were along for their whole life. Khadeeja(RA) was an Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, the biggest and the wealthiest merchant in Mecca.

Also, Khadeeja(RA) was the first person who accepted Islam as her faith and followed Islam of her whole life afterward. thus if Khadeeja(RA) was an Entrepreneur then how may Islam forbid the other women to stand on their own?

The matter is most of the feminists who dialogue on women’s rights in Islam do not have their faith as Islam and do not even understand what Islam is literally meant to be, and they do not even know the rights that they’re fighting for these years and also the rights feminism has granted them are already given to Muslim women many years before from the beginning of Islam, Muslim women had the right to vote, right to work, right to possess property and wealth, right to education from the beginning of Islam.

Western feminism came in the ground to protect women’s rights, and that is an excellent step as women empowerment is absolutely necessary for the better development of any society and nation. however western feminism does get to understand this that centuries before Islam already has given these rights to Muslim women and Islam perpetually stood with women for their equal rights.

Also, there is a dialogue regarding education that Muslim women aren’t allowed to urge education, let’s have a look within the history a bit. Whenever Muslims won the war at the time of Muhammad(PBUH), all the prisoners got 2 choices to be free.1st is to pay the ransom and be free. 2nd is to teach one person amongst them, and he is going to be a free man while not paying any kind of ransom to them.

And there’s no-where mentioned that they’ll solely have to be compelled to provide education to men, therefore in brief, Islam does provide a lot of importance to urge education and has given the birthright to an individual for having education whether or not you’re boy or girl, you do have complete right to education.


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