Get Your Ph.D. Education Done For Free.

There are many aspects vital to the development of the nation, but the most important factor in any country’s development is education, growth is truly dependent on youth education, and education is the best way to create credibility and ethics. In South Asian countries, education is ignored from the very early time, and this is also the main reason for poverty in these countries. The lack of education causes society to really severe damage. Most individuals are unable to complete their education because they are unable to assist it financially and leave their education at a young age, so they attempt to do the work to earn some cash to maintain themselves and their families. And it has a very adverse impact on society as a whole. Because of the lack of awareness, individuals begin to think that education is pointless, worthless, meaningless, unnecessary, unreliable. This thinking impacts the potential of an enormous number of young individuals, many of them find themselves trapped in child labor.

Then in such circumstances, if someone attempts to pursue his education, not being able to support financially becomes a major obstacle in his path. Especially for women who want to get an education, they need to face a lot of hurdles, and they also get demotivated on an ongoing basis because everyone informs her there is no bond of a girl with education, just as education is pointless to them. This kind of mentality defames and has a severe negative impact on the whole community. In such circumstances, the government requires taking severe measures to raise the consciousness of the value of education for individuals. But sadly, the state is also generally neglecting it, and you can say that is the main reason for the high level of illiteracy rate in South Asia.

In the state of Punjab, the Indian government took a very nice step, introducing free education for women from beginning to Ph.D. Everything is cost-free. Such measures should be promoted and discussed too much so that all other nations take a look at their ideology and learn from it, and apply this to their country for the welfare of all those who are unable to finish their education simply because of poverty and are unable to financially maintain it. Let us make excellent use of our “freedom of speech” and raise our voices to those who deserve to be educated, to all those girls who are not permitted as educated and frequently overlooked.

Education is the best way to combat poverty, that’s how China has grown tremendously as Apple has made a comment about It’s manufacturing plant in China is not because of affordable labor, but because of the skilled worker. China-focused a lot on qualified education and that’s why many large companies in China are doing their manufacturing in China. So if China can do it, we can do it as well.

Let’s all spread knowledge about the importance and value of education everywhere and the role of women too. Educate women for the nation’s prosperity success fortune progress benefits and development.

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