Gives ownership rights to millions of residents of Katchi population across Punjab including Sargodha

Sargodha (Staff Reporter) Taxes on property transferred by FBR without giving proprietary rights to millions of slum dwellers across Punjab, including Sargodha, orders issued to local bodies, resident of Katchi population, according to details Sargodha During the last 40 to 50 years, the residents of Kachi population across the province not only received votes for allotment of plots on government land, but hundreds of Kachi populations, despite the passage of many years, Proprietary rights may not be granted. Residents in these slum dwellers are still forced to sell their plots and houses on Ashtam Paper. According to the sources of the municipalities, Rs. 28,000 is received on transfer of 3 and a half Marla scheme by the local bodies during the transfer of plots while the plots and houses of these Katchi settlements are as per orders issued by FBR. Also, the FBR tax fixed during the transfer will be charged. Not only did the inhabitants of the Kachi population become defunct protests but they have demanded from the government that this cruel policy should not only be abolished, but it should also be issued to give the owners rights to the deprived allies.

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