I Cannot Get Raped

Sometimes one incident changes your life. It was about 04:00 am and after a long day working in the call center I was on my way back to my hostel. That day I was exhausted and needed to reach my hostel as soon as possible.

I was walking very quickly, on the road to my hostel there’s a burial site at one corner. I noticed that somebody was concealment and crying in a terribly low voice.

I climbed the wall of the burial site in order that I may go see what happened and that I have seen there was a woman whose clothes were torn and her body was filled with scratches, she was savagely raped by somebody and been thrown here.

I quickly took off my shirt and given her to hide her body because it had been so revealing, and extremely tough moment. I told her that I call the police, she stopped me from calling the police.

And requested me to please not to call the police, at that point, I disconnected the call, and all I needed at that point is to make her feel safe. I took a bottle of water out of my bag and given her, she was in terribly critical condition and I had to call the police and ambulance so that she may get treatment.

I asked her that may I call the ambulance, so they can take you to the hospital, and also the reason I asked her was because of her condition, and she was very afraid. She denied and said not to call anybody, that time I felt that she is feeling guilty and don’t wish to let anybody know about what happened along with her.

I talked to her that she should take a stand against it and should speak, if she keeps silent then it’s solely useful for people who did this with you. She yelled at me saying that I cannot understand her situation and asked me to leave her alone.

I am unable to leave her in this situation all alone, I denied and asked her about her house address, so I will help her reach her home. Once listening to this she calmed down and told me her address, it had been not a lot of far away from that place.

I helped her to get up, and So, we tend to start walking towards her home, and also the only factor that was running in my mind was this that in this critical condition why is she not agreeing to get any kind of medical help.

I actually needed to ask her however didn’t need her to get hyper once more, however anyhow I had to ask her.

I courteously asked her

“Please do not be angry, but I actually want to know why you’re not permitting me to get your treatment and legal help against what happened to you.”

She stayed silent and did not say a word, her condition was very terribly crucial that she was even unable to walk. Well, I held her hand to provide her support, so she will be able to walk.

We tend to slowly reached at her house address, her house was in a terribly tiny alley that it had been hard for me to support her to reach on the door sill. Well, somehow she managed herself and reached there and also the only question running in my mind was that why she did not allow me to call the police in order that they’ll help her get Justice.

I attempted one last time and asked her to please tell me why you did not unite to urge any reasonably legal facilitate and even you disagreed to urge treatment for yourself. As now, she spoke out and made me speechless along with her words as I could’ve never imagined this.
She said,

“I cannot get raped, I’m a prostitute.”

I became speechless and that moment of silence at that time is the biggest regret of my life. I just couldn’t understand one simple thing that no matter who you are or what you do when you say NO it really means NO.

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