“Dowry” a tradition or begging?

The beginning of love is marriage. When individuals are prepared and assured that they can devote their entire lives to each other, the decision is made. This is also everyone’s hardest choice as to how we can be so confident for our entire lives. But in South Asia guys the method to marry is completely opposite.

The casual way to marry is much different in South Asia than the entire world. In South Asian weddings, there are no feelings, but greed and selfishness come even before the marriage gets fixed. Many times it has been seen that weddings are completely destroyed only because of the groom’s filthy and disgusting demands and greed.

If you’re a Groom in South Asia, you’re expected to get a new car, a new Rolex and even new furniture. First deals bring position before any wedding could itself get fully settled. Culture sometimes performs an adverse role in society, in which culture an individual must pay a big amount to get his daughter married to someone.

A father’s entire life is always his daughter. The one he loves, respects and cares the most all across the world. A daughter’s even a little pain is intolerable and unbearable for a dad. And when he chooses someone to be his daughter’s companion for whole life, he trusts that person more than himself, and at that time when a groom expects cash from him, he actually gets deeply violated and disappointed. But  He remains quiet and fulfills his son-in-law’s requirements, whether he is capable or not, because of the communal closure.

He likely would often borrow a loan from people to purchase dowry-products for his son in law to have his girl get married. The real feeling is ignored by a dad and daughter who is marrying a man who will most likely treat her as property instead of his partner in life.

In dowry-related deaths, Pakistan is the number one in the world. More than 2,000 casualties happen every year due to dowry-related issues and in Pakistan every year and its increasing every year, and in such cases, the number of convictions is very rare. Even in the name of honor, most incidents are not recorded and traditions have performed a significant part here. Not every time traditions are correct as if something is incorrect, the first of all you have to raise your hand against it without worrying and having any kind of fear from traditions.

What’s fascinating and really surprising is that individuals are defending themselves by telling about Jahez-e-Fatima, while not even knowing about Jahez-e-Fatima. There is a misunderstanding about this because Hazrat Fatima (RA) never received Jahez. One white sheet, one pillow, a water bottle, and two water jars, was provided which the groom Hazrat Ali (RA) purchased himself. If it’s called Jahez, then each groom should purchase it all by themselves and give it to the bride’s family to send it along with her just as Hazrat Ali did at that time. Don’t expect them to purchase anything.

Many kinds of beggars have different styles, some commence by wearing old dirty clothing, some beg by cheating people that they are in some trouble and the latest white-collar begging style is from the groom by making a demand list and beg from the bride’s dad. And society really makes it a white collar as nothing is bad. It is the most worse thing and can not be defended in any manner to simply treat a woman as a property you will get married to.

Traditions might not be correct every time. Traditions can sometimes play a negative role in society, such type of traditions should be stopped.

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