Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War

“Avoid what is strong and strike what is weak.”

From Sun Tzu at 250 B.C.

art of war is 2500 years old classic. which is based on the military strategy and this is really influential till today which is the most interesting thing. Still today this book is considered as one of the most influential books when talking about military and leadership strategies.
especially in intelligence, it is still being followed and strategies are still being learned from this book. the strategies, tactics, policies, methods, mind games, formations, external and internal affairs, and this is the most interesting thing about it.

And what you will most likely be going to learn from this book is the leadership quality. As how to lead the team and the positive thing is this that we can utilize these strategies in our simple lives too.

this book is based on a total of 13 chapters and every chapter is gonna teach you a new lesson on war, defending and intelligence. even the Japanese samurai, Napoleonic wars Hitler nazi and not only the generals but today’s politics, sports, business, and every other aspect of life it will be going to be helpful for you.

no doubt if somebody thoroughly read it, understand it and follow it will e the successful person in his life.

“if your opponent is arrogant to pretend to be weak so he will underestimate you”

Simply if you know the weakness of your opponent then you would never be going to lose and this is the only way without using any extra combat just win the war easily.

“know the enemy and know yourself and you will not be defeated in hundred battles”.

Vietnam war against America. Vietnam also used guerilla warfare tactics so that they get the least casualties while doing a lot of damage to the American army.

The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can, strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.

I really suggest you buy this book and keep learning from it.

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