Super-Girl Of Rawalpindi

Pakistan is a men-dominant society in which women have a lot of restrictions from the beginning of their childhood, and this creates it extremely tough to step within the professional world and make their careers prospering 

Their life has invariably been seen as ought to be spent inside of their homes whereas handling household works. And it’s not simple for a woman to travel out and work for themselves as they’re severely outplaced by the men in the workforce and within the society, as an entire too, and if a woman does have courageousness to try and do one thing on her own.

They’re beginning being judged and negatively talked about, and even get pestered by generally unethical people who have a low level of mentality.

And this makes it an extremely hard and unfavorable atmosphere for women to stand on their own.

Yesterday, I met a girl running a mobile-shop all on her own in Dubai plaza with excellent confidence and courageousness wherever 99 of the working community is men. and the way with confidence and successfully she was doing her business proves her a really prospering businessperson.

I called her a super-girl as a result of fighting with thousands of issues that happens against her daily and doing her business therefore with confidence. She created herself inspiration for thousands of women who need to prove themselves that they’ll stand their own.

Despite being challenged physically and mentally she still went out and created a living for herself on her own.

She had the courageousness to convert her weakness into strength and proven us that women are no less than men.

She didn’t make her dependent on anyone and educated us to not step-back even once being incorrectly judged and negatively talked about.

The ladies like her who are working arduous for the good of Pakistan, all those countless women who step out of their homes by breaking all the scattered traditions and crushing all the barriers that they face in their path. and because of the ladies like her, the mentality of our society is changing a lot.

We are appreciative and salute for all their hard work, courage, confidence and motivation for many more.

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