Tensions between municipal corporation and commissioner office officers over budget not used for development works, including the mayor’s house

Sargodha (Staff Reporter) Tension drop between Municipal Corporation and Commissioner Office Officers for not using budget for development works including Mayor House, resolves issue on intervention of senior officers, details of a senior officer of the Commissioner’s office as per details Since he did not have a residence in charge of the financial and administrative matters related to the corporation, Commissioner Sargodha not only officially issued an allotment order to the mayor’s house, but also to the municipal corporation officers residing in the mayor’s house. An order was also issued to vacate the house immediately. This led to intense tension between the municipal corporation and the commissioning officers. According to sources, the tension caused not only the development work to be halted across the city but also the cleaning and sewerage-assisted machinery due to lack of proper care, as well as an officer of the municipal corporation. Not only did he load his belongings from the mayor’s house, but he also started efforts to replace the municipal corporation. According to sources, the chief officer, including the municipal corporation, made efforts and finally settled the matter between the two sides.

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